A Lampshade that Magically Floats in Midair

source: www.fastcompany.com - author: Margaret Rhodes

A Lampshade that Magically Floats in Midair

Take a quick survey of today’s best and brightest in lighting design, and there’s nary a lampshade in sight. Lamps today are more likely to resemble pill capsules, or even Stewie from Family Guy, than anything we grew up with in our living rooms or with any component a drunk guy could put on his head.

Paul Cocksedge’s Shade lamp for Flos isn’t just a revival of the endangered lampshade. It aims much higher: “A new lighting category has been created,” he tells Co.Design, “by taking away the traditional electrical wires and replacing them with a very thin cord that’s almost invisible to the eye.”

Shade can be suspended anywhere, at any height, and it derives its glow not from light bulbs but from an LED floor fitting that shines upward. The result looks like the serene, crystalline ghost of lamps past.

It’s also another lamp design that’s created specifically for flat-pack shipping; (Artecnica and the Design Stories lantern do the same). Shade’s durability comes from a special coating that protects the textured paper shell, which Cocksedge considers the root of Shade’s accessibility. “This was designed to be a lamp for the people,” he says.


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