A New Shazam Tool Tells Advertisers When Ads Are Most Effective

source: www.fastcompany.com - author: Christina Chaey

A New Shazam Tool Tells Advertisers When Ads Are Most Effective

Shazam introduced a new audience engagement tool today designed to help TV advertisers measure how well their ad campaigns perform based on factors such as the type of show, channel, and day of the week. Beginning today, advertisers who are customers of both Shazam for TV and Nielsen TV Ratings can access the new Shazam Engagement Rate, which compares how many viewers engaged with ads in Shazam versus Nielsen’s gross rating point data for how many people are viewing that same ad.



Shazam’s core measure of engagement is via its tagging system, which documents every song, TV show, and advertisement you Shazam, and has collected more than 6 billion data points. In May, Shazam introduced an (opt-in) automatic tagging system, which made it easier and faster for users to tag content such as, say, a 30-second ad spot.

A strong tag presence on Shazam can already indicate a general audience-wide affinity for a particular song, TV show, or advertisement, but the Shazam Engagement Rate gives Shazam for TV advertisers a better context for how their ads perform the way they do.

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