A Spoon That Doubles As An iPad Stylus

source: www.fastcompany.com - author: Mark Wilson

A Spoon That Doubles As An iPad Stylus








Sometimes it’s a fine line between genius and utter stupidity, and the iSpoon ($7) does somersaults on that line with bold irreverence. Designed by Jordan Murphy for Umbra, on one end, it’s a wooden spoon. On the other end, it’s a stylus. So with the addition of what’s essentially a three-cent capacitive condom, an age-old kitchen tool becomes a high-tech means to use your iPad as a recipe book without smearing bacon grease and garlic all over Jony Ive’s aluminum and glass heart.




It’s not watershed design that will question the way everything in the world works from here on out, but it is a particularly clever response to a relatively unfilled niche in the iPad accessory space. Trust us: Somewhere in Shenzhen, a factory foreman is pointing to this post, yelling at his engineers for not thinking of the iSpoon first, before telling them to get to work on green, pink, and blue knockoffs.

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