An Email Marketing Guide for Beginners

source: - author: Joseph Parker

An Email Marketing Guide for Beginners


Email is probably the marketing industry’s most stalwart tool. Since inception, it’s been the Internet’s version of direct mail and it has proven over the years to be an effective marketing medium. Like direct mail, it is inexpensive and achieves a consistent return rate for most marketers. A survey done in 2011 showed that email marketing was effective enough that 60 percent of those polled planned to increase their email marketing campaign budget. In 2012, another poll found that the massive ROI of email marketing drove almost 90 percent of businesses to make the tactic a major part of their overall marketing strategy.

With the ease of checking email on smartphones, more people are connected to their email accounts all day. A recent poll showed that 45 percent of smartphone owners check their email repeatedly. This makes it easier to get your messages read and to connect with your target audience. With constant email checking, everyone now has time to read email.


Who gets the email?

In the snail mail world, marketing mail is sent out to both past customers and addresses within a specific area. Marketers often target the zip codes most likely to hold their target demographics. In the online world, the principle is the same, but the rules are different. The CAN-SPAM Act has made it illegal to send out mass marketing emails to people who haven’t done business with you and who haven’t asked for the messages.

To stay compliant and to ensure they are targeting the right people, marketers use an opt-in page, sometimes called a squeeze page, to get potential customers to sign up for emails. That page is targeted toward just the consumers who will be most interested in what you sell. The email list is one of the most powerful and coveted marketing tools available to businesses. The goal is to build a large list, but even a large list not targeted to your demographic will be useless. The opt-in page has to be highly targeted for just that reason. It must let potential customers know exactly what you have to offer and how the email messages will benefit them. Use SEO principles on this page to attract the people who will be most interested.

Once someone is on the list, they can get a personalized message for a number of different occasions. A few occasions for sending marketing messages include:

  • Their birthday. Offer a coupon code for the birthday or just send out a personalized birthday message that lets them know you care.
  • Send an email when a shopping cart has been abandoned. Often, an abandoned shopping cart is quickly forgotten by the customer. A reminder email can help customers remember the items they wanted to buy.
  • Send email list members exclusive coupon codes. This is a major incentive to join the list.
  • Send an informational newsletter. A monthly or quarterly newsletter that’s packed with information can encourage customers to read the email and absorb the marketing message.

To ensure that your marketing ROI is as high as possible, invest in email marketing. When you consider the many people eager to shop online; more people carrying smartphones and reading their email; the highly targeted nature of email marketing; and the high ROI, this marketing method is a smart choice for businesses of any size.


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