Eyes on Apple’s radical new Mac Pro

source: www.thenextweb.com - author: Matthew Panzarino

Eyes on Apple’s radical new Mac Pro

Yesterday at its Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple teased a brand new design for its Mac Pro computers. The new machine is radically different in design, packing a bunch of internal power but a large amount of expansion via 6 Thunderbolt ports.

The new Mac Pro will look a lot like a cylinder, and it houses a triangular shaped inner chassis. On two sides those triangles are packed with chips and fans, and the other has RAM and then ports on the back.

The Mac Pro will feature an up to 12 core Xeon processor from Intel. Its DDR RAM will run up to 1866MHz. The Flash storage inside will read at a rate of 1.25 GBPs and write at 1GBPs. Dual Workstation GPUs, a first for Apple, will push a lot of teraflops and will support up to 4 4K resolution displays.


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