Google Drive Templates: Ready to Use Templates for Small Business

Google Drive Templates: Ready to Use Templates for Small Business—As a small business owner, you have enough on your plate just running the business. There’s probably a long list of business-related and need-to-eventually-do tasks that are not your core business.

For example you are looking at invoices, creating business plans, managing projects, but you may be spending too much time building these forms, instead of actually building the business plan or creating the project.

Fortunately Google Drive — that’s Google’s all-in-one cloud storage and office suite — offers a wealth of enhancements, features and add-on I find pretty useful. It includes a useful collection of templates. Here are a few of the best for small businesses. You just need to know where to look — and what to look for. Here’s a rundown.

Project Tracker A simple, colorful spreadsheet to track a project.

Project Tracker

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Expense Report is a straightforward expense report that can be easily customized to fit your needs.


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Employee Certificate is an easy to use a certificate for employee recognition.

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Simple Invoice has several invoice templates that can be changed to meet your specific needs.

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Project Proposal is a handy preformatted project proposal template.

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Business Plan is a clean, well-organized business plan template for your new business or venture.

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Need to download the templates? Browse here for the complete set of Google Drive templates.

Source: – Author: Mike Olsen.


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