Print Advertising: 10 brilliant examples

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Print Advertising: 10 brilliant examples


Print ads are as relevant as ever, as these highly innovative print advertising campaigns, from some of the world’s leading agencies, show…

In these days of viral videos, it’s easy to overlook the art of print ads, but it’s as relevant and powerful as ever. As Paul Ardenstates in It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be: “Print advertising should be recognisable at a hundred paces, and it should be obvious who it’s an ad for without seeing the brand name.” And despite what you can achieve with software likePhotoshop, you still need a concept that’s going to stick in people’s minds.

We think these 10 do just that. Take a look at our list of amazing, innovative print adverts and we guarantee you’ll be oozing with inspiration by the time you reach the bottom.

01. Jim Rickey

Real life platform game print ad

Christian Aslund drew on the spirit of platform games such as Mario for this print advertising campaign for sneaker brand Jim Rickey.

The photographer shot the models in awkward horizontal positions on the streets of Hong Kong, using a telelens to make the images appear flat and the scenes vertical.

Aslund served as both creative director and photographer on the project, dubbed ‘Honkey Kong’, alongside Jan Andreen, Loa Bie and Sofia Cederstrom.

02. Aizone


 Sagmeister campaign for Aizone

Sagmeister & Walsh have been creating campaigns for Beirut luxury department store Aizone since 2010, with a focus on only black and white executions. This time, they decided to mix things up and add a splash of colour.

Whilst Sagmeister & Walsh took care of the art direction, Henry Hargreaves worked as the photographer on the project. If you’d like to see more imagery from the campaign, you can visit the Sagmeister & Walsh official site.


03. McDonald’s



Illustrator Helen Musselwhite worked with legendary advertising agency Leo Burnett to create this awe-inspiring paper illustration. The design is based around McDonald’s upcoming collaboration with DK Books in conjunction with their Happy Meals.


04. Bioenergy Nutrition



Italian heath supplements company Bioenergy Nutrition wanted to promote the benefits of low levels of cholesterol and triglyceri. Milanese advertising agency Alch1m1a ADV created this macabre series of print ads casting butter as the baddie in an instantly recognisable way – sculpting three well known horror icons out of the fatty spread.


05. Royal Legion


 Royal Legion

Following the First World War, the poppy became a symbol of the war dead in Britain and Commonwealth countries – because the bright red flower was one of the only plants to grow on some of the worst battlefields. The Royal British Legion adopted it in 1921 to help it raise funds for war veterans, and the tradition of wearing one on the 11th November (the anniversary of the end of the war) began.

The buying and wearing of poppies remains central to British life and culture, but last year, The Legion felt the campaign needed an extra push. So it joined forces with creative production studio Taylor James to create the 2012 Poppy Appeal advertising campaign.

A CGI & photography-integrated production, Taylor James created three print ads to feature in underground and railway stations around London to raise awareness for Remembrance Day. To reinforce the message that everyone in UK society should be wearing a poppy, each ad featured a cut-out poppy revealing several different backdrops from around the capital.


06. Brucciani: Wi-Fi



The message behind this print ad might not be immediately obvious, but as soon as we got it we just had to share it with you. The subtle shading and use of colour is what makes this ad pop – just look at the Wi-Fi signal in the coffee cup!

It was created by UK advertising agency Big Communications, with executive creative director Dylan Bogg and creative director Billy Mawhinney. Art direction was taken care of by Ed Bentinck and designers Duncan Bancroft and Simon Dilks.


07. Master Trap: Casino



This clever little ad has been getting a lot of love and we can see why. It’s simple, effective, and funny and those are three things that make print advertising work. With the tag line, “fatal attraction”, it works perfectly with the casino and Master Trap affiliation.

Advertising Agency Ogilvy & Mather, based in Bangkok, Thailand took care of the campaign and we think they’ve done a great job. Creative directors Wisit Lumsiricharoenchoke and Nopadol Srikieatikajohn have already collaborated on a number of successful ads and we think this one for Master Trap is certainly one of their best.


08. Quebec Automobile Insurance Society


 Quebec Automobile Insurance

Driving safety is a daunting task for any creative agency – it has to provoke a strong and lasting impression with an important message whilst still being creatively sound. This campaign from Lg2, an agency based in Canada does all these things and more.

Although a somewhat vintage idea, the seatbelt is used to showcase the important message and incourage young drivers to ensure their own safety. Creative direction and copywriting was overseen by Luc Du Sault and the campaign features a further two ads.


09. OndAzul NGO: Sardine



With a tag line of, “Is it what you expect to find in the sea? Neither do the fishes”, there’s plenty you can work with. Advertising agency Quêbased in Brazil went with this strong idea across three print ads.

The photography is exceptional, with the clashing colours and careful shadow work. We especially fell in love with the font used for the hard-hitting slogan – almost childlike, it evokes the innocence of nature and the danger that the sea faces.


10. Parma Dairy Products: Story



Dairy products often try to target the parent market as we all know that kids need it to grow big and strong. Sometimes, these ads can seem a little forced and often appear a bit too cutesy for our liking but this effort from El Taier/Tribu DD is brilliant.

Using two instantly recognisible stories for both parent and child, this advert will appeal to both. The simple illustration makes it clear and consise without being too busy. The campaign features cameras and games consoles but it’s this sweet story approach that really caught our eye.

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