Real-time Polling Startup Poptip Launches its API for Businesses

Real-time Polling Startup Poptip Launches its API for Businesses


Poptip, a TechStars NY graduate which offers real-time crowd polling for opinions and feedback, is launching an API to help businesses access the raw data behind their questions. In addition, Poptip is also announcing its integration with Twitter cards, to bring auto-updating polling results to your feed.

Diving in, Poptip’s new API allows developers to use data from their polls in their own applications. For now, this API is strongly focused on the B2B space — this makes sense, if Poptip is searching for profitability. In the future, however, Poptip CEO Kelsey Falter tells us the company may open it up to everyone.

Falter details that her goals with the API work two ways. For brands, Falter hopes to make “social data useful by integrating it with existing business systems.” But for customers, the goal is to make them feel they are being heard by their favorite “networks, brands, and publishers.”

Back to Twitter card integration, Poptip is doing something quite interesting: the startup has managed to make its polling results update automatically within Twitter by generating an image of the results graph on the fly (similar to Moveable Ink‘s technique), re-writing that image every 15 seconds. These cards can also be customized to fit within a company’s branding needs. An example has been embedded below:

Picture 2

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