This Chair Unfolds to Become a Chaise

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This Chair Unfolds to Become a Chaise

It’s mankind’s oldest quest. Once we had the warmth of fire, we’ve been looking for the perfect seat to place around it–something that could be a casual chair and napping spot in one, a place to chisel a stone tablet, grill a pterodactyl haunch, or play today’s sudoku.

The Kongura, designed by Mussi’s own Gio Mussi, is a scratch for that primordial itch. It’s a chair that unfurls into a chaise lounge, dominating that extra bit of space in your living room only when you’ll be so unconscious in comfort that you can’t possibly notice. The design might seem almost obvious in retrospect (as most good designs do), but implementing that folding base was particularly challenging, requiring two years of testing and research.



“The problem was installing a smart mechanism that had to be really strong and easy to use,” Mussi tells Co.Design. “After doing market research, we didn’t find anything that satisfied us, so we proceed in developing a mechanism that we patented.” That mechanism is a folding core beefed up with a “microinfusion” of iron and carbonium. It’s flexible yet supports an incredible amount of weight. (Of course, polyurethane padding keeps the tough chair soft.)


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The Kangura is available now. As shipping is a large part of furniture cost, its price varies by region.

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