Tiger’s New Nike Ad…Too Soon?

source: www.inc.com - author: Janine Popick - image credit: Courtesy Company

Tiger’s New Nike Ad…Too Soon?

The new Nike ad proclaims “Winning Takes Care of Everything.” But does it? Is this ad too much, too soon?

And it just might for Tiger Woods, as he regained his No. 1 ranking. The ad and slogan were recently posted to Nike social networks and met with both rage and delight!

But, Nike didn’t just come up with the slogan, it’s something Tiger’s been saying since 2009. So the question is, should they have used it as the headline of the ad? The company is taking some creative liberty since for the past two-plus years Tiger has not been invited to that “circle.”

Other members who have recovered from a PR fall?

- Bill Clinton is adored as a leader, helping the world with his foundation and as an amazing speaker.
- Basketball fans cheer for Kobe Bryant even after his personal woes.
- Alec Baldwin is at the top of his game with Capital One and 30 Rock despite his drunken calls to his daughter.
- Charlie Sheen making millions with Anger Management… WINNING!

So it seems only a matter of time before we get back behind many of our “heroes.” But it begs the question… is this one too much, too soon? Love to hear your thoughts!

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