Top Technology Gifts of 2013

Top Technology Gifts of 2013

Have you been scratching your head, wondering what tech gift to give to the techie in your life? If you’re looking to “wow” someone who is typically unfazed by everyday technology, you most likely haven’t a clue as to where you should begin your search. Sure, you could spend a lot of money, but gifts like laptops are a bit personal and may not be your best bet. Whether you’re a tech newbie or you own all the newest and greatest tech devices, you’ll be able to find the perfect gift for your techie. Here are some of the great new tech gifts of 2013.

Logitech T650 Touchpad


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Wouldn’t it be amazing to find a Windows 8-supported touchpad that functioned properly? No longer must we wait for such technology! Logitech is going full-steam ahead with this large, glass-covered touchpad that not only works efficiently with Windows 8, but also supports custom gestures for all your intricate and specific needs. Fitted with a large multi-touch surface, the T650 Touchpad is great for any Windows-based computer.

It should me said that its functionality with Mac products is notably limited, and honestly, this isn’t the right purchase for you if you are part of the Apple faithful. But if you’re techie has been longing for a quality touchpad for their Windows computer or tablet, the Logitech T650 is an affordable, quality product.

Soundfreaq Sound Kick


soundfreaq soundkick1 Top Technology Gifts of 2013

We live in an era where we don’t want to deal with cables and are rarely stationary, whether for computers, or in this case, a speaker system. With such fast-paced, high-demand lives, we need our technology to travel with us if it is ever to be used regularly. Soundfreaq has released a new wireless speaker system, the Sound Kick, which can stream music from any Bluetooth-ready device.

Allowing for up to seven hours of continuous streaming, this travel speaker is nothing to scoff at. Packing a significant punch, the Sound Kick provides your techie the ability to play music wherever they may go with the sleek and affordable Soundfreaq Sound Kick.

Logitech Washable Keyboard


 Top Technology Gifts of 2013


Are you among those who have spilled a drink or dropped food crumbs on your keyboard? Over time, keyboards can get disgustingly sticky, making it difficult to press down certain keys if food particles get wedged beneath them. Don’t worry; Logitech has your back. Introducing the Washable Keyboard K310, Logitech has come out with the perfect keyboard for your kids, or the germaphobic techie in your life. The keyboard has drainage holes that make it easy to wash and dry by hand. All of its keys are UV coated, keeping your keys looking like new for up to five million keystrokes.

Jabra Drive Vehicle Bluetooth


jabra drive bluetooth in car speakerphone Top Technology Gifts of 2013


Do you, or your techie, loathe wearing Bluetooth headsets? How do you enjoy Bluetooth capabilities without one? Suffice it to say, nobody looks good wearing a Bluetooth device in their ear. Introducing the Jabra Drive, the mobile Bluetooth speakerphone that brings hands-free capabilities and comfort to your vehicle.  Able to pair with any Bluetooth-enabled device, you can use the Jabra Drive for up to 20 hours of talk time. Allowing you to make those ever-important phone calls, the Jabra Drive also provides you with the ability to play music, podcasts, and even listen to GPS instructions from the device’s speaker.

3M Streaming Projector


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The 3M Streaming Projector, which is so small it can fit in the palm of your hand, features an integrated Roku Streaming Stick, built-in Wi-Fi and has nearly the same capabilities as the Roku LT. Now able to stream and project media from many of the same sources as other Roku products, as well as including a rechargeable battery, the 3M Streaming Projector is the superior portable streaming device available today. The battery life could improve upon the 90-minute charge the unit can currently hold, but for everything it offers, the 3M is a must have for any tech-loving individual.

Apple television


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This mystical device has been a myth for the last two year, however we think in 2013 it’s finally going to appear. In the past Apple has dropped many hints about their overwhelming interest of the living room. The device will bring the Internet and cable television together in a harmonious way. Their stock went down and their ecosystem is getting stale, so we’re positive they’re smart enough to realize this and will hopefully develop new products for the masses.

Google Glass – Augmented Reality Glasses


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Already ahead of schedule, Google is in the process of developing one of the coolest tech devices to date.Google Glass, an augmented reality pair of glasses, displays information much like a smartphone would in a hands-free pair of glasses that allow you to interact with the Internet through basic voice commands. Using Google’s Android operating system, Google Glass allows you to capture videos and photos from your first-person perspective, post on social media sites, and is definitely worth checking out, despite its $1,500 anticipated debut price.

PlayStation 4


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Announced just this week, Sony has revealed the newest addition to their gaming console lineup with the Playstation 4, which is said to debut at a lower starting price than the Playstation 3 six years ago. In an attempt to combat the newest Microsoft Xbox (to be discussed soon), Sony is set to release what will essentially be a PC on steroids. Including a Blu-ray player as the PS3 included, the main difference is the inclusion of PC chips for improved graphics and operating speeds.

Other neat new features of the PS4 include broadcasting your gameplay with your social media networks, allowing you to give your friends the ability to view your game as you do. In addition, Sony has added a touchpad to its new controllers, along with a share button and a light bar to help the PS4’s camera to easily track your controller for motion-controlled games.

Bendable Smartphone


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Have you ever thought about how phone companies will merge fashion with technology? Well, we may not have to wait very long. Samsung has already presented its OLED – organic light-emitting diodes – display technology, leading many to believe that its technology could be in our hands sometime this year. The “Galaxy Skin,” as its been called so far, will feature everything you’re accustomed to with your Android smartphones, including a speedy processor, camera, and high-resolution display, while eliminating the bulkiness some smartphones currently offer.

Made of a thin plastic, this bendable smartphone won’t break if dropped. If you’re due for an upgraded smartphone, hold off on purchasing your new phone until Samsung delivers this incredible new technology. As it appears, the sky is the limit for Samsung, and you certainly do not want to be left on the outside looking in.

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