who we are

After being tired of searching on the web: articles, books, news, job opportunities, blogs, seminars, events, and many other business interests, we found passion in create a website full of information, so users do not have to go from site to site to get the right information or just to get more knowledge and more comprehend about his/her business.

Every day more and more entrepreneurs jump into the world of Internet, and the reason for that is the incredible grow of technology: smart phones, Smartphone’s applications and social media. Basically now, we do not have limits of information. We at Knotop still believe that we can do great by helping businesses and individuals. Now in days people is more aware in how they can grow their business keeping in mind that now we live in a global competition; which is good because we have more opportunities to do business and bad because we have more competitors. Knotop believes in finding a unique way to do business, and that unique aspect will revolutionize the way we start and maintain our businesses. In these days, many business owners do not know how to do thing better from creating a great logo for their companies, keeping the big picture in mind, thinking why the big companies do thing in a different way than small business, studying why they lose or potential clients. Out there, we have a ton of consulting firms that help the community to succeed, yet the true is that sometimes that service can be very expensive. Our idea is to work hard, so our users comeback every day to the site, and every day they can be in a better business environment.